Filled with awe, I visited France once a year regularly for some reasons.

I see colourful streets while driving towards my destination and I find the place so refreshing and attractive. Too many things to think about and I think of my hometown whenever I open my eyes to see what could be beyond my way. Although my hometown is not more beautiful than France physically, I could feel that France can be a good place to live because of their culture and lifestyle.

I know that France is on one of the richest countries in the world not only because it is the morning star of tourism in Industry in Europe and in the world but also because of its amazing Agricultural and Industrial economy.

I experienced having a cultural awareness in France and I found out that there are somewhat other foreign cultures are in it especially in the city where diverse people and culture lie. Many of the cultures are come from Asia such as Japan food. French people in the province practice their own culture and traditions. Of course with the development of their society, you can see that the architectural design also still in their place. French architectural styles and designs are still preserved. In the city, you can see how developed. The city itself is a tourist destination.

Of course, man-made tourist destinations are very beautiful and those come originates from the original inventions and creations-nature. Some more things to look at are the landscapes of the town and villages that appear as the beautiful scenic view.