Numerous are the  tourist destinations in France but here are the topmost:

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower in France is the heart of French tourism industry. This is where most people go so sometimes this place is crowded depending in its season. The most amazing is that this is the number 1 most visited place in the world. This tower is the probably the most beautiful one on earth.

Louvre Art Museum

Louvre Art Museum. Wandering around like there is nowhere to go, the Louvre Museum offers various kinds of art works so people could enjoy themselves going there because they will find peace and comfort through them.

Marseille City

Marseille City. The city of water can be a good scenic view when you are alone. There is always a feeling you want to relieve your stress. For better result, you can go on boating around the boating area.

Bordeaux Region

Bordeaux region. There are many things to say about the place because there is something that we have to talk about. This is the palace of wine production. Bordeaux wine are regarded as the best wine in the world. There are numerous things to understand about the culture in this place; you will learn them all if you go to this place.

Morzine Skiing

Morzine Skiing. A vast territory of skiing and snow playing, even if you are not going for skiing, the view is just so gorgeous.

Geneva Lake

Geneva Lake. This lake is where some visitors go to see the amazing water of this blue lake. There is no reason for people not to go there because of its amazing shape and clear water.

Cours Mirabeau

Cours Mirabeau in Aix-en Provence. A thoroughfare that is full of history and there are many things to learn from the amazing place where memories can remain and remembered.