French culture has also spread over the world such as language and cuisine. French language is also included in the English vocabulary such as ‘joy’.

Arts and architecture are very developed in France especially in Paris. Lots of French style buildings were established there. Some of the buildings are also influenced by a religion and there are many things to say when it comes to their religious belief. Some of their beliefs are related to the religion. Come to think of it, their church buildings are full of Roman Catholic Churches because that is the main religion in France so traditions are also influenced by the Roman Catholic doctrines.

For French, they practice social stratification and this is the most significant part in the life of French. Class stratification is one of the major reasons why they want to obtain a higher degree and work in order to lift up their class. However, they have etiquette not to talk about money because it is bad and it brings bad luck. Even if there is social class, they do not mention about money.

Lifestyle is somewhat luxurious except for the lowest classes. Middle classes can still live luxuriously.

The traditional dress of a French woman is a long dress ‘till the heel with a lace. Normally, the color is black plus a topper that they wrap around their shoulders. This time, this dresses are rarely worn and they are only used during when there are traditional programs and events regarding their culture since fashion has changed the time and point of view of the people in this age.